The Best Recipe for Apple Pie Moonshine

Month after month, this recipe tends to be the most active recipe on my site. I figured I would publish it again just for all the eyes that may not have seen it yet. Also, fall is just right around the corner!

Here is a recipe that begs to be tried at least once, especially if you like a tasty alcoholic sipper on a chilly autumn evening. Careful though, this packs a punch and will have you doing backflips around the campfire before you know it! The best part about this concoction is its ability to mask the high-proof of the grain alcohol so just a little goes a long way. And no, this is not made with actual moonshine…however if you have some, it sure would be a good substitute.

Apple Pie "Moonshine"
Apple Pie “Moonshine”

Again, this will taste like apple pie with every sip…you have been warned.

1 gallon of apple juice. It doesn’t really matter what brand.

1 gallon of apple cider. Again, just whatever you can find.

2 1/2 cups of sugar – A mix of brown sugar and white sugar was recommended to me, but I just went with the regular

10 cinnamon sticks – available at most grocery stores. They come in a package.

1 bottle of high grain alcohol – 190 proof Everclear or similar or actual moonshine.

Mix all the ingredients in a large pot except for the alcohol. Bring everything to a boil and let it simmer for about an hour to make sure all the sugar is dissolved and the cinnamon has flavored the batch.  Be sure to stir, pretty much constantly.

Take the pot off the burner and allow the mix to cool down to around room temperature. From there, pour in your alcohol and continue to stir so everything is mixed. As in the picture, pour the “moonshine” in to mason jars and store for about a week at least before drinking. The longer the better. However if you can’t wait, it’s pretty darn good right away too! Enjoy!


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