Going for the Florida Slam in the Flats of Biscayne Bay

Fishing is just a hobby for most of the country, but on the flats of Biscayne Bay, it turns into a bucket list opportunity.

Of all of the fishing destinations and species of fish there are to fish for around the United States, bonefishing in Biscayne Bay was not a trip I ever expected to take.

I grew up watching fishing shows where my angling heroes caught monster tarpon, fought bulldogging bones, and quested for permit on their attempts at a Florida slam, all in a 30 minute show.

Rarely would they ever achieve such a feat, but the viewer always came away wishing that they could change places, at least for one day, with the host fishing those famous flats.


Well, life typically has a funny way of working out sometimes. Very recently I was sent to Miami for work. As soon as I heard about the trip I had to take, my first reaction was to search the internet for a guide to fish the flats. A few phone calls later and a trip was booked with Capt. Mark Giacobba of Glades Outfitters.

To read the rest of my article from Wide Open Spaces, click here.


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