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Odds are You’ll Get Hit by Lightning Before Seeing an Albino Raccoon

It’s not common for this albino raccoon to live as long as it has. 

Albino raccoons are born with the odds stacked against them. If they can manage to survive to adulthood, they have the rest of their life to avoid predators since they were born with no natural camouflage. This recent photo of an albino raccoon from Indiana, as seen below pictured originally from the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page (IDFW), is a little more rare than you might initially think.

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Should You Pee On A Scrape When Deer Hunting?

Of all the tips a hunter can share, peeing on a deer scrape might be one of the craziest pieces of advice…ever.

This topic came up recently with a good friend of mine in regards to our deer hunting plan for the year and setting up sanctuary zones on our property. As normal deer hunting conversations go, we both had good ideas and oddball thoughts of many different tactics.

Our discussion turned to talking about where we have been seeing active scrapes and somehow the phrase, “I heard somebody say once that peeing on a deer scrape can really get a buck’s attention,” just sort of came out of my mouth.

That sentence started a debate, back and forth, of all of the pros and cons of the effects of a human peeing on a deer scrape and if it would actually work.

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There Are Some Strange Things Captured On Trail Cams

Sometimes a trail cam captures a little more than expected.

Most hunters use trail cams all throughout the year to track animal movements during the seasons. By the time deer season rolls around, hopefully all deer patterns are pretty buttoned down and the hunter is in a good position to bag a big one.

These cameras roll 24/7, night and day. Every now and then, a trail camera captures a picture of something that is unidentified. The mind often wanders about the possibilities of what these unidentified trail cam objects could be, but maybe, just maybe, it’s something that can’t be explained.

View this slideshow for the strangest unidentified objects captured on trail cams.

High Country Motivations by Mike Malchow

I am sitting here all alone at 6:30 am, drinking a cup of coffee at my local coffee shop replaying the many memories of the past. The older I get, the more I feel alive knowing that life has many unplanned twists and turns. I know a lot of men and women are just like me and live life through their experiences.

Article Picture

I am scrolling through some literature on my smart phone and see all the elk hunting articles creeping through. It brings back the memories of roaming around the Rockies pursuing one of North America’s largest land mammals. Hiking at 10,000 plus feet is an experience in itself, but trying to get close to one of the most majestic big game animals, while covering countless miles, is a whole other experience. It is not always about the harvest of an animal for me; it is the sensation of the preparation and the journey leading up to the split second you decide to let the arrow fly.

This sport is truly about time with yourself, family and nature while also making new friends who have the same passion as you. Harvesting an animal is very exciting but I am just as rewarded being in the presence of these great animals.  The excitement and joy of seeing a friend or fellow hunter take an animal is just as rewarding as if I were to take the shot myself.  I would even say it is more exciting when you are on the call coaxing that big guy into shooting distance watching everything unfold right in front of you. You could not ask for a better seat.

You may find yourself a short drive or even a thousand miles away from your elk hunting area like me. Life can pull us in all sorts of different directions with our jobs, families, and other commitments. If you don’t make time for the greater experiences in life, they will simply pass you on and never look back. Some guarantees in life are work, taxes, and death. Why not add something to that list that will define your life.   We only have a few years on this earth so let’s make them count!

article pic 2

Below I have started an experience to get your mind churning. It’s your job to finish the story and go live it.

You’ve done your research; you’ve done all the prep work and gear checks. The vehicle is packed; you have a 15 hour drive ahead of you.  The excitement is unbearable as you get closer and closer to your elk hunting destination. You cross the Colorado state line at dusk and push forward.  It turns 10 pm and although you could have stopped and got a hotel, you push forward to get to Elk Camp. You turn off asphalt and start the winding dirt road up the mountain. This road eventually turns to more of an ATV path than a road. When it seems like you’ve possibly missed your base camp, the headlights hit the spot that you have called home in the years past while up here. You break out the necessities, prep some gear, and get a few hours of sleep.

art pic 4

You wake up to a cool morning, putting on an extra thick jacket, stepping outside and admiring what is before you. There is a cool bite in the air and the golden Aspen leaves flutter with the early morning breeze. It is eerily quiet, yet you can truly hear peace in the air. The fresh air cleanses the soul and your lungs inhale a little more to get that thin mountain air. Nothing else matters other than living in this moment. You grab your 5 day pack and bow and start your trek into the wilderness to start living.